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* When printing in this material, some variation in color shade is unavoidable, especially with difficult to produce colors such as brown and skin tones.  Hair color and hair texture are also hard to replicate with 3d printing.  Please keep in mind that we do our very best to make each model look great and as lifelike as possible, but they are not photorealistic.  It's a good representation of you, but not exact.  

* Since the models are fragile they can break.  Broken figurines will not be replaced for free but we do give a discount on reprints.

* Due to being custom made and the extensive work that goes into making the 3d model and the physical figurine we do not give refunds on orders.

* The digital 3d model may be used in promotions or marketing material.  Photos or video may be taken of the physical figurine and shared on social media, print or video advertising.  Duplicates of the figurine may be made and used as a physical display.

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