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3D Printing Machine

About us

Located in Oxford, MS, 3D Miniz started out specializing in full color figurines of people.  With just a quick 3d scan of the person we get a digital model that can then be 3d printed in full color on one of the most advanced printers in the world!


In the process we got a lot of requests to make custom figurines of pets but were unable to since they can't sit perfectly still long enough to do a full 3d scan of them.  We also got even more requests to do custom figurines of people just from pictures but didn't have the capability....until now!  Now anyone can order a custom figurine of any pet or person for any occasion from photos.  Just order your figurine, upload your photos at checkout and our artists custom model your figurine from the pictures you provide.  These are truly one of a kind gifts like no other that will be cherished for a lifetime.


 We've also expanded into other areas as well.  Some of which include: making models of vehicles, custom awards, trophy replicas, traditional 3d printed unique toys, decor and any other projects our customers need.  

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