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Tennessee Vols Championship Trophy replica

Tennessee Vols Championship Trophy replica

Celebrate the Vols National Championship win with your very own commemorative trophy!


There are two versions available:  wood infused plastic and hand crafted wood


Wood infused plastic version:

availabe from 5.5"-13"

5.5" - $35 (free shipping)

8"   -   $70 (free shipping)

10.75" - $125 (free shipping)

13".  -   $195 (free shipping)

These are 70% plastic and 30% wood fiber.  Gold silk accents.  Laser engraved center plate made out of clear acrylic.  


Hand crafted wood version:

 available in either 1ft tall or 2ft tall versions.

Each one is hand made to order out of solid wood milled in Oxford MS

Gold painted accents on the 2ft tall version.  Gold silk accents on the 1ft 

Clear acrylic center plate that's laser engraved

Black and gold metal bottom plate

These really are one of a kind works of art 

1ft - $495 (free shipping)

2ft - $995 (free shipping)


Every piece of these trophies is proudly made in America. 

  • -If you received the wrong item:

    Send us an email within 5 days of getting it to let us know.  We'll send you a return shipping label to send it back and will send you the correct item as fast as possible.

    -If you ordered the wrong item:

    Let us know asap so we can correct it before it's sent out.

    -If you receive a damaged item:  

    We require pictures of the item and packaging be sent to us within 24 hours of receiving it.  The pictures need to be sent to with your order number, name and address.

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